Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Beauty Stuff 101 - #5 (How to check new products)


            An easy but effective tip for me about the product you used on your face.It may react differently for different people but it's a safe start.

If you bought a new product and afraid  it would cause breakouts or rashes on your face the safest way to try them out are by testing them out on your neck near to your face.if you got an irritation there, it could be easier to cover up with your hair or in our muslim's sisters case with our hijab.

test the product out there for at least 3 days or to be more safe, a week

sometimes some product react differently on your face and neck because your face became more sensitive due to harsh products.

Monday, 29 April 2013

Beauty Stuff 101 - #4 (water is your bestfriend)


      So based on the tittle, water is your bestfriend. I like to think that water help flush out the oil that supply for my pimple.hahah.maybe in a way it does right.

And for your information, acne on different parts of your face are cause by different factors.

  • forehead -mainly because you're stress
  • cheeks - the food you consume
  • chin - hormones

that's the basic but if you want to know more you may check the link below on what you should avoid and eat more to prevent acne on certain parts of your face


back to water and face,  if you drink enough water your face will be hydrated  and will be difficult to have wrinkles.

and for you people that's trying so hard to prevent oily skin don't try so hard.the oil on your face are the agent that prevent you from having early wrinkles.haaa so everything should be take in moderate amount

drinking water will also give you a glow to your face but this doesn't happen  over night.it takes time

  • -It suppresses appetite, increases metabolism & repairs kidneys 
  • -Water helps muscle stimulation and digestion. 
  • -Constipation is a symptom of dehydration. 
  • -Insufficient water can lead to migraine-type headaches. . 
  • -The risk of colon cancer, cancer of the bladder, and breast cancer are sharply reduced by drinking the recommended amount of water.

haaaa,nampak sangat copy paste from internet,hhahha.

from my experience, i'm a tea lover so i love my tea especially lychee flavour.so good. but since i'm on a water diet for sure it's the most difficult at first but after you got the hang of it you will prefer water more than other drinks.

by this time if you drink other drinks besides water you will still be thirsty afterwords. and your taste buts will become more sensitive.i do not know if i'm the only one who experience this but it happens.but it's a good thing right.you could savoir more food.heheh

The Liebster Award "Tag"


I was nominated by this sweet lady +shaza amalina and the first thing that cross my head was
"wuuuu ada orang read my blog"  haha and of course i was excited :D

seeing the word AWARD i conclude that it's a competition then when i read about the liebster award on shaza's blog i notice it was actually a kind of TAG! i think so.hehe

so the rules of the "chain-award entry" are almost like the normal tag videos on youtube

  1. List 11 facts about yourself
  2. Answer the 11 questions given to you
  3. Create 11 new questions for the bloggers you nominate
  4. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to them
  5. Choose 5 bloggers with 200 or less followers to nominate
  6. Go to each blogger page and let them know about the award

after reading the rules i think this "tag" was made to help promote your blog and also the one who's new to the blog world i suppose.like me (^^) anywho, since i'm done with number 4 i'll continue with the others:)

11 facts about me :

  1. My right eyelid are smaller then my left but it's not that noticeable
  2. I will be in a bad mood if i felt dirty/disguested with myself
  3. I love doing DIY stuff inspire from youtube
  4. I'm not a gadget person so i'll be using my phone until it can no longer be use
  5. I'm more to a makeup person especially lip product but since i had an accident with a lip product gone bad i'm restricting myself from buying any lip product until my doctor let me use one again
  6. My fashion sense changes according to my age 
  7. I sometimes get panic attack when i think i can't breath.erm.hahaha but it'll be alright after i drink water because my head's going to tell me body that water have oxygen and i could breath again(if that makes any sense)haha
  8. I don't like singing cause i know i have a unpleasant voice 
  9. popping ripe pimples in some way gives me satisfaction 
  10. i'm that person who doesn't seek for attentions but wants it.(that's why i didn't promote my blog to my friends.)
  11. i'm paranoid with people reaction towards me in real life

11 Questions asked my shaza amalina :

1) Are you going to vote this election?

- no i'm not for i'm just 18 this year and even if i'm going to i'll just solat istikharah for guidance.easy   right.hehe

2) If someone give you RM5000 to spend in a day.what will you do/buy?
- uuuu dang,if that happens i'm the happiest person in the world. i'm gonna buy make up product for sure then go for a shopping spree and last but not least FOOD!! haha sounds like so selfish huh.hehe but that's what run through my mind after reading the question

3)Dip dyed hair,yay or nay?
-wuuu i love one but my mom gonna kill me if i did one.haha so nayy

4)What is more important,mascara or eyeliner?
- like i state in my 11 facts about me,eyeliner just gonna take longer to put on so i'm going to go with mascara

5)Do you love nuts?What is your favourite?
-i love certain nuts but hands down my fav would be pistachio.yummy

6)Do you watch The Vampire Diaries? Stefan or Damon?
-i watched with my sister for a period of time but since she continuing her studies i stop watching too.it's just because i couldn't keep up with television series but i'll choose Damon just because he looks cooler.haha

7)List  5 of your favourite apps on phone
-i'm a blackberry user so my fav gonna be 
  • wordsearch(puzzle game)
  • littlest pet shop
  • calorie counter by fatsecret
  • camera timer ( like we all know blackberry camera isn't that good)
i just got 4.haha blackberry isn't that great but the bbm is a plus point

8) Do you like glossy finishes or matte finishes,for lips?
- i like something in the middle.i love something that look natural.i think that's appropriate for my age:)

9)Would you rather starve yourself or workout like crazy if you want to lose weight?
-i rather starve girl friend.hahaha no i would fast (puasa) for a month then continue with Monday and  Thursday until puasa, but didn't completed that yet.huu sobb..sobb

10) 5 of your favourite youtubers?
-gosh ,this is easy i watch youtube everyday.haha
  • +itsjudytime /itsjudylife (love her vlog with baby julainna)
  • jarmainetv/jlovesmac1
  • stillababe09
  • Nikki Phillippi
  • missglamorazzi
i could go on and on with my fav but that's my top 5

11) What is your favourite ice cream flavour?

- i love any kind of ice cream but i'm gonna settle with the kind of ice cream that have caramel in them.*drooling *

11 Questions for the bloggers i nominate 

  1. What is the most rewarding experience you have had and what made it so?
  2. Who or what inspire you and why?
  3. If you were on  death row,what would be your last meal be?
  4. You have the choice to live with a gorilla who knows sign language or a unicorn who sings lullabies,which do you choose?
  5. For the impending zombie apocalypse,what will be your weapon of choice and why(something in your handbag)
  6. If you could travel anywhere in the world,where would you go first and why?
  7. Rank a colour of the rainbow one for the best and one for the worst and state why?
  8. What's the craziest thing you have done?
  9. If given complete freedom what would be your alternate profession and why?
  10. If you would give me one piece of advice, what would it be?
  11. If you were punished for a crime how would you like the punishment?

5 blogger i would like to nominate would be :

Saturday, 27 April 2013

SILKYGIRL Skin Perfect 2 Liquid Foundation review


094e74e2 New from Silkygirl : Liquid Foundation, Shimmer Blush and Stick Concealer

  • this small tube of foundation only contain about 25ml of product and it cost about 

          RM 21.90(without discount)

  • on the package it state that it's a non-comedogenic product which means it will not clog pores but i do experience pimple everytime I used it( take note that i didn't wore foundation often

  • it has  SPF 30/PA+++ & fragrance free (i'm sorry to be honest if i'm buying a foundation i won't bother looking at the SPF or the smell but it still smell like a normal foundation but wore off once applied on face)

  • it stated it's oil free ( after a few hours it started building oil on my face to be precise after 4 hours which is good for me)
  •  it 's a thick liquid foundation so it's a medium to full coverage for me( noted that i don't have that bad of acne but i hate it when a foundation pops out my pores even more especially on my nose area for i have large pores)

  • it's quite difficult to blend with a brush for it dries up very fast so using fingers or a blending sponge are recommended
  • once dry you will be left with a powdery consistency and it feel light weight.(i wore one layer and it doesn't feel heavy although it's a medium coverage product)
  •  one thing about foundation people expect it to have a flawless finish and the fact is it won't.unless you don't have any acne.you'll still see imperfection like acne bumps and visible pores. but with a foundation  you could have a even skin tone which in a way will contribute to a flawless face people like you and me desire 

ps: choosing a right shade of foundation is important:)

Friday, 26 April 2013

My "Join This Site" button is missing!!


    I'm new to this whole blogging experience so i may be 'noob' or memang noob pun.hehe. but my
 'join this site' button isn't where it suppose to be.i do not know if i accidentally remove it or what so ever but i do not know how to fix it.

I follow lots of blog for i enjoy reading things about fashion,makeup and also recipes on simple dishes
 (that i'll be cooking for my siblings) and i was really excited bila ada orang nak follow my blog.hehe *blush*

because of that, i google on how to make the 'join this site' button appear again on my blog but i couldn't find anything about it.i was really bummed out.hmm

but if you want you could place my url on your Add button beside your reading list ;D


UPDATED : I found the 'join this site' button.alhamdulilah.dimana ada kemahuan disitu ada jalan:D

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Beauty Stuff 101 - #3 (lip product are not for cheeks)


         Beauty gurus like Micheal Phan suggest lip product such as lipstick and tinted lipbalm to be used as a multipurpose item.There's no problem in using them for this purpose but at another point of view,is it okay to use a lip product as a blusher?

I mean will it cause breakouts?
let me answer that for you:)


 I decided to used my tinted lipbalm, in specific my lipice sheer colour on my cheeks for about a  week and had my worst breakout ever on both of my cheeks.basically everywhere i put the tinted lipbalm,my forehead and chin too.

it took months to clear my face out and it is still recovering now.

In a nut shell, lip product on cheeks is the solution if you're going to used it once in case of emergency NOT an everyday usage because using lip product as blusher will clog pores

p/s: i don't know other products on other people will give the same effect but i think lip stain's going to be alright but i'm not gonna risk my face for another experiment for sure.:D

Monday, 8 April 2013

What's In My Beg:) - response


    Here's a preview of my beg

this beg i had for almost 1 year i guess.hmm tak de jenama tertentu sbb beli kat padang besar,perlis.wuuuu tempat tu,kalau orang tak ramai then nak bargain.memang best la!! beg ni dalam RM 55 tawar punya tawar dapat la dalam RM 40(sendiri bargain tak reti mak still kena tolongkan :P)

 inside of the beg:)

 what's in my beg!! banyak ni je bawa kalau keluar sehari

 purse and coin beg

 benda ni sangat penting!! SANGAT!!
-tissue basah
-tissue biasa
-pads and pantyliners in case of emergency
-extra seluar dalam in case juga

-note book
(orang tua2 cakap ciri2orang yang berjaya ialah orang yang selalu ada pen dan kertas dekat dgn dia)
-kunci rumah(kuncinya satu keychain nya banyak) haha

botol air takut haus and beg yang diisi macam-macam

 isi dalam beg tu
-VS perfume(endless love- bau mcm shampoo herbal essences)
-cetaphill yang diisi dalam bekas kecil
-tony moly lip tint mini(kena letak dalam bekas sbb takut tumpah)
-lipbalm(mentholatum hyaluronic acid lip gel)
-sepit kuku
-bedak (maybelline clear smooth all in one)
-pin2 tudung yang sangat comel.ahaks

-ada dua phone sbb bateri mana2 smartphone tak berguna 
so kena ada my trusty nokia yang setia menemani saya dalam apa jua keadaan saya
me love you so much nokia *peluk tak nak lepas*

sebenarnya earphone case tu bukan lah tempat letak earphone pun
bekas lashes yang dah di renovate
dengan melekatkan sticker animal print.
wohoooo untuk creativity \(^o^)/

What's the most important thing in your handbag?
 - that would be my phones sbb dalam purse tak de duit pun maklumlah tengah menganggur katanya (-_-")

What's the most embarrassing thing in your handbag?
 - katakan ada orang yang nak tgk things in my beg ,benda yang akan saya capai first untuk sorak ialah
    kotak pink diva tu(bahaya)

What's the smallest thing in your handbag?Smallest??
  - pin-pin tudung yang kecil or mini sepit kuku or sampah2 kecil

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Kuih Simpul Kasih for RM 20 only(sebalang)


           Masa kecil2 dulu tak suka sangat kuih ni sbb dia agak pedas utk mulut budak atleast untuk saya la.hehe so tak selalu makan.kalau makan pun makan kulit tepi dia je sbb rangup .nyumm nyumm. 
masa raya tahun lps mak beli kuih simpul kasih.sbb dah lama tak makan.try la satu.ya Allah sedapnya.simpul kasih dia sedap sangat!!

 besar-besar simpul kasih dia!

 sengaja letak jari tepi tu.nk tgk besar mana kuihnya

 dari setengah ke suku jadinya sbb sambil tangkap gambar sambil makan.hehe
 lebih kurang besar sebalang

sbb kuih ni sedap sangat la saya nk tolong mak jual.kalau tak sedap buat apa nk jual ye tak.hehe
saya terima order untuk area Kuala Lumpur dan Selangor je dulu kay:)

macam tittle dia,satu balang RM20 sahaja.kalau beli banyak boleh kurangkan harga:) 

p/s : sampel in sya Allah ada, apa-apa sila contact saya di 013-3857690 (Syazwina) / bbm 235EAE49