Friday, 15 March 2013

DIY beg from shirt!!


              Just because i had 3 month of duing nothing i decided to look for things to i bumped into a video on youtube about DIY begs made out of clothes that you're not gonna use see i'm that kind of person who dislike giving away or throw out their things so recycling are another way i get to use(or keep) my stuff

making this beg isn't that difficult it took me about 30 minutes to get the finish product.amazing huh!!

oh and btw this beg are a non sew needed.yayyy!!

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Beauty Stuff 101 - #2 (lip scrub)


           Lip scrub is kind a new thing for us malaysian atleast for me that is.Basically lip scrub, staying true to its name, is a scrub for your lips!! it removes dead skin as well as prevent flaky lips or helps get rid of flaky lips.As far as i remember this kind of lip scrub couldn't be found at our local so call "drugstore" or we all know it as watson,guardian or caring.

   But why waste money on this product when you could DIY it yourself!!

1)  Vaseline + brown sugar or normal sugar (psstt..i used normal sugar)
     -place vaseline on your lip like usually
     -dap sugar like the picture on top
     -circular motion massage your lips with your fingers untill you're bored
     -wipe off sugar with wet cloth gently
     - apply lipbalm right after that

that..or my favourite method would be

2) Honey + brown or normal sugar
            - mix abit of honey and sugar in a jar(or in my cast in a cup) hehe
            -dap product on lips
            -circular motion massage
            -wipe off with wet cloth
            - apply lipbalm

Alot of other reviews would suggest you make alot of lipscrub then keep it in a jar and use it when needed but i personally think you shouldn't, because first of all

- it's not that difficult to make (less then 3 minutes)
-isn't that hygenic ( dipping your fingers more then once wouldn't that make bacteria grow?)
-troublesome ( what make you so rajin to look for a jar for your DIY lipscrub ) *keningkening*

the consistency of the product should be :

#p/s : you should atleast scrub your lips once a week and atmost twice a week because scrubbing
         your lips to often could make your lips raw and so not good for the lips.

image from google:) thanks google!!

Friday, 8 March 2013

Beauty Stuff 101 - #1(minyak cap kapak)

          Despite the name,this is a very well known product that helps sooth away headache and stomachache but it is also good for acne.

          i personally use it to help reduce acne on my face.and yes it burn when you put it on your acne but it somehow help to reduce the acne or zit. 

p/s = different skin act differently and don't put it near your eye seriously burn(in a good way people,it reduce acne) :3

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Vaseline petroleum jelly review + advantage!!


           The area between my lips and nose gets flaky so often that i felt so embarrass everytime i'm out in the public and it hurts so bad!!this happen because the amount of water we consume isn't enough for our body.

Then i met Vaseline.this is the old package i think and it's quite cheep(double thumbs up) yayyy. the one in the picture are about RM 4.90  and the larger ones are about RM10.90 maybe but i personally think the 4.90 are enough to last for a very long time depends on how much product you use:)

          and people this works like wonders.seriously!!really love it.i love wearing it in thick layer at night before i go to bed it helps soften the lips


  • Heal wounds - As long as they're kept clean, minor cuts and scrapes generally heal just fine without treatment, but petroleum jelly or an antibacterial ointment can help speed things up and possibly prevent or minimize scarring.
  • Prevent dry skin - As we age, our skin gets thinner and drier. As part of a skin care regimen for mature skin, petroleum jelly can help soothe dryness and flakiness, as well as help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles (it's not going to take away wrinkles, but it will make them less noticeable)
  • Could be use anywhere - Basically it could be used anywhere on your skin area .
  • I just read about this but vaseline also could be use on your eye lashes to make it healthier and longer. I personally gonna try it and will update to it soon if i see any differents.
  • Place Vaseline on parts of your body before using perfume to make it last longer

use as primer,use it with eye shadow to make the colour more intense.alot of advantage over this product.i read other people reviews as well and non stated any cons about this product it's a MUST buy!!

sometimes images explains better so watch this video:)


Monday, 4 March 2013

Brag Bridget winner!!

           On 15 January 2013, Brag Bridget an online store held their first giveaway.As a hardcore free stuff fan i race myself to complete the 3 requirement in order to win in.There wasn't any difficult requirement reguired tho.You just need to  :

1 . Share this post 
2. Leave your email address below
3. Drop an email at with the subject : TUESDAY GIVEAWAY 15/1/2013
Easy right!! For that i won myself a batu seremban is so isn't that cheapo type of batu could actually see the effort for each batu seremban from its details.

I personally thinks it's a great gift for it's cheap,gorgeous and offers different types of design.give Brag Bridget a look on facebook!!

the batu seremban did not came with the glass jar haha  it came in a netting kind of sack placed inside the paper beg with the logo all around it and on top of it the delivering package to make sure the packaging gets to you safely 

Sunday, 3 March 2013

GARNIER light complete extra UV protection REVIEW!!



during the end of 2012 i receive a package from Garnier Malaysia because i entered their quiz.after a month of using it,i'm ready to review it.two word to describe it. HATE IT!!

 reasons?here you go
  •  extra UV protection?? SPF 17/PA++ it is okay for a moisturizer i guess but after a month of using it, my face turns darker then usual!!homegaddd!! at first i didn't notice it but one day i really notice a big change on me face so that's the main reason i stop using it
  • it's a dry moisturizer!!or should it still consider itself as moisturizer since it's dry? i personally doesn't have a dry skin but my mom due to aging process have a dry skin.she uses it and told me it isn't moisturizing enough for her

i don't really know if the light complete is the same product as the light but there's not alot of review for this particular product.i think Garnier gave me this product so that they could clear their stock.hahhhaha but i'm not too sad about this product being a let down because i got it for free so i got nothing to lose.


    I tried using this product again last week just because i'm curious about it i tried it AGAIN and i'm quite disappointed in it AGAIN. *sigh

I notice it's supper oily on my really oily.if it's after 3/4 hours of application i'm alright with it but it took only one hour and my face looks like a frying pan ready to make that tasty fried egg.

not just that! because it's too oily it makes whiteheads pop out more especially on me nose.ohhhh the horror!!
 and about the whitening face isn't feeling it.after the first week my brain told me i was fairer and i ran to my mom and ask her "muka adik nampak putih sikit tak?" she replied "biasa je"

(T^T)  whyyyyyy!! disappointed  AGAIN. tak cerah langsung.kalau ada pun i can't see any different .

as much i want this product to work it's just not happening on my skin.

oh one good thing i like about this product after application i notice my skin look even.but it didn't  last because of the oily factor

if you are the person with oily skin.this is not for you but if you have dry skin.maybe you would consider this product

 p/s : i used this product on its own without any powder nor foundation:)