Friday, 17 May 2013

I won a Giveaway!!( mini review + swatches) Covergirl Lash Blast Mascara ,ELF Studio HD Blush in Encore , IN2IT Liquid Lipstick in Rosette


So a few months back i join a giveaway at Siti Aisyah 's blog and alhamdulilah i was selected as the winner. yayyy for me.

at first i thought i wasn't the winner for she said she contacted  the winner already so i check my email that day and i didn't received any new email.

so after months (maybe) she contacted the "winner" , i who's an amateur in this blogging world found out there's a few people who commented on my post..and i only knew about it months after

.hahahahah. enough of my stupid action..

so today i received the prizes from Siti Aisyah and decided to do a mini review about it


Here's the packaging after i rip off the "bubble wrap" thing around it
hehe thanks aisyah for making sure 'my' prizes are safe during shipping
everything are in good condition
( ibu jari kakak pun nk masuk dalam gambar gak.ish(-_-") )

here's the prizes 
- Covergirl Lash Blast Mascara
-ELF Studio HD Blush in Encore
-IN2IT  Liquid Lipstick in Rosette

 i pumped out the product before reading the instructions(-_-")
so moral of the story read the instruction before using products
so you only pump a small amount and tap onto your skin with your fingers
 if you don't have a stapling me:D
and i notice that the colour are so pigmented and pretty and it's much darker than the pictures taken
and i also notice there's fine glitters in it
i'll try avoid putting products with glitters on my face for i have an oily skin
but i'll try it anyway for i'm in love with the colour

 nothing much to say yet about the mascara but aisyah said it's a great mascara and a favorite to many

and the last product gonna be the IN2IT liquid lipstick
gosh when this product first came out i was so going to get them
but when i went to Watson  it was sold out
so a product that's a fast seller must be a great product
now i'll be able to try this baby out.YES!! 

 mine in rosette.
from the packaging and the tube i thought it going to be a mauve 
but to my surprise 

it's not :( a bummer there
but that doesn't stop me from liking it
so the colour slightly look like a nude pink in my opinion

 it's supper creamy 
and quite sticky once apply 
but!! but BUT!
after a few minutes the colour changes to a light mauve color
i'm experiencing it when i'm writing this post
and it's not that sticky after that. to me it's a texture like a melted lipstick
but the colour sip through my skin and i could see the texture of my skin(get it)'s like when you wore a long lasting lipstick for the whole day and 
by the end of the day you could see the lines on your lips.the same concept
and this product isn't a liptint 
it's a lipstick but in liquid form so it's not long lasting.
i thought i smell a pungent smell once i swatch it onto my hand but after i sniff for the second time i didn't smell anything

 i do not know what kind of wand this is but it glides so well when i swatch it 
on my hand

so that's the end of my mini review! yeayy!! i'm super duper happy with the prizes and thank you again aisyah for having me as your winner.

do follow her blog for more giveaway in the future and she review great products as well.I love reading her blog and i hope she'll update more cool stuff soon

i applied the liquid lipstick on my lips and it didn't turn to the light mauve colour that turn out on my hand
i love the colour but it's way to drastic for me
it made my teeth look whiter (plus point) but it also made my skin look darker( a no no)
maybe my lips are already pigmented so the combination didn't work
quite sad it didn't work for me

*peace yoo* 

Friday, 10 May 2013

After Bath Routine!!


 Basically i'm gonna tell you about the things i do  after my shower routine.very simple but it depends on my mood to actually do it.

First thing i reach when i'm in front of  my mirror going to be my neutrogena toner
Neutrogena Alcohol Free Toner Reviews

i'm going to wipe the toner onto my face with a cotton wipe and let it dry.after that i'll use a i'm using the neutrogena and also the garnier light complete.i'll use according to what i felt like using at that time



normally i'll stop right there but since i bought my first brush,hehehe.i'm gonna but it in use and brush powder onto my face.i'll use my silkygirl powder first then followed by a maybeline powder that i get for free when my sister bought their bb cream.

i'm so sorry if this post sounds so weird or something but i really want to update my blog and i seriously do not know what to write about and just so lazy to take my own pictures because i can't find the camera

soooooo,thank you google :D

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Beaut Stuff 101 - #7 ( makeup brushes )


I'm new to this makeup world and i love writing my experience's like watching myself grow and watch myself learn more about life (and more about makeup)

As a beginner i know nothing about brushes and how to test for them (i felt stupid when i watched "boyfriend goes my makeup tag" on youtube for i too do not know how to differentiate brushes.hehe )
but for a start here's a picture about all the types of brushes.i know there's more but this i think are the basic

then for the eyes

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Beauty Stuff 101 - #6 (expired date on product for your face + an experience)


 earlier this year i reused Vaseline again for my lips.i used it at night.everynight . and after using it for so long my lips started to get really dried.not just on the lips but the mouth area first i thought it was a lip product i was allergic to so i stop using all of my lip product and replace it with the Vaseline 

the dryness was so bad by the end of April that i couldn't even leave the house without people looking disgusted by my was flaky,dry skin was everywhere,it was swollen and's just unattractive  

so i told my mother and she took me to the normal doctor.the doctor didn't gave me any medicine but she encourage to drink loads of water and add more vegetables in my diet which i did but it just didn't go away.the thing on my lips and by this time i still used the Vaseline

after two weeks my lips didn't even i went to the doctor again but this time a different doctor from the same clinic 

so,the doctor said that i have an allergic reaction to something.she suspect from a cosmetic product but  i decline her theory but i did mention about the Vaseline i'm using to prevent my lips from the dryness and bleed

she strictly directed me to stop using the Vaseline and use a cream that she gave(which smells like an allergic cream) she also gave me some medicine to help the recovery

after finishing the first set of medication given,i thought something. 

"maybe the Vaseline had expired because my mom bought it when i was only in primary school "

i never thought it had expired because it looks like a normal Vaseline. i admit i was stupid to not realize something that was so my lips are recovering but they are still very sensitive to lip products.i'm avoiding my self from wearing any lip product and use the cream given by the doctor as my lip balm

so my advice here is if the product had expired do not use it although it looks fine


Mini Haul


  semalam my sister and i watched a movie together.yayyy.happy gila coz rindu dia sangat2.we watched iron man.fuhh.okay la cerita dia.we watched dkt The Summit sbb murah and tak ramai orang.

btw i bought some stuff there(mmg tak sah kalau pergi jalan tak beli barang)

-optic white toothpaste(nk putihkan gigi) RM 9.90(discount)
-elianto powder brush RM 19.90 (my first makeup brush)
-two empty bottles one is spray one is pump (for my tonner and cleanser/ travel friendly) RM2.50 & RM3
-spiral pin RM 2.90(for two)

 normally i'm afraid to buy this sort of bottle for traveling because i could 
accidently pump the product out but this bottle came with a "stopper" tak de la da kes tertekan bagai.


and then we ate sushi dekat sushi king.dah lama mengidam sushi akhirnya dapat juga.alhamdulilah

 Sushi King dekat The Summit kecil tp rasanya ada kedai susshi baru nk buka 
kalau tak silap nama dia  Sushi Hut

 Waaa.sedap gila set bento lagi sedap kalau dia bagi sup sekali
tekak melayu saya ni mana leh makan yang kering sangat
RM 16.50 tak silap

 kakak punya pula yang ni nama tak ingat tapi sedap kuah dia
dia kasi egg castard, miso suo kot,nasi,yakult ,ayam and sayur
harga dalam RM 15 -22 kot
 satu satunya sushi yang berjaya di tangkap gmbr

fuhhh green tea dia paling berbaik
free wokk
hahah ada sejuk and panas tp ya Allah
kitaorang sebenarnya order air honey ice lemon tea apa tah (RM 4.90 kot)
tah tp tak setanding green tea dia.

tp satu je la ada satu waitress dia ni mcm tak sabar2.orang tak sempat nk letak beg kat tepi lagi dah tanya nk order apa.cehh kalau ye pn sabar la orang nk gak tgk menu,bukannya kami ni selalu makan sushi dah hafal menu nya.bila kakak tanya boleh tak ambil menu karang dia buat muka,hmm.

oh oh and selection sushi dia kureng la.maybe sbb sikit orang kot but patutnya sikit org la dia usaha nk kekalkan pelanggan dia.but green tea dia fuhh.hahaha siap bagi sejug untuk dua org lagi.kalau la ada botol kat tangan nk je tapau balik.hahaha