Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Beauty Stuff 101 - #6 (expired date on product for your face + an experience)


 earlier this year i reused Vaseline again for my lips.i used it at night.everynight . and after using it for so long my lips started to get really dried.not just on the lips but the mouth area too.at first i thought it was a lip product i was allergic to so i stop using all of my lip product and replace it with the Vaseline 

the dryness was so bad by the end of April that i couldn't even leave the house without people looking disgusted by my lips.it was flaky,dry skin was everywhere,it was swollen and red.it's just unattractive  

so i told my mother and she took me to the normal doctor.the doctor didn't gave me any medicine but she encourage to drink loads of water and add more vegetables in my diet which i did but it just didn't go away.the thing on my lips and by this time i still used the Vaseline

after two weeks my lips didn't even heel.so i went to the doctor again but this time a different doctor from the same clinic 

so,the doctor said that i have an allergic reaction to something.she suspect from a cosmetic product but  i decline her theory but i did mention about the Vaseline i'm using to prevent my lips from the dryness and bleed

she strictly directed me to stop using the Vaseline and use a cream that she gave(which smells like an allergic cream) she also gave me some medicine to help the recovery

after finishing the first set of medication given,i thought something. 

"maybe the Vaseline had expired because my mom bought it when i was only in primary school "

i never thought it had expired because it looks like a normal Vaseline. i admit i was stupid to not realize something that was so obvious.now my lips are recovering but they are still very sensitive to lip products.i'm avoiding my self from wearing any lip product and use the cream given by the doctor as my lip balm

so my advice here is if the product had expired do not use it although it looks fine