Friday, 10 May 2013

After Bath Routine!!


 Basically i'm gonna tell you about the things i do  after my shower routine.very simple but it depends on my mood to actually do it.

First thing i reach when i'm in front of  my mirror going to be my neutrogena toner
Neutrogena Alcohol Free Toner Reviews

i'm going to wipe the toner onto my face with a cotton wipe and let it dry.after that i'll use a i'm using the neutrogena and also the garnier light complete.i'll use according to what i felt like using at that time



normally i'll stop right there but since i bought my first brush,hehehe.i'm gonna but it in use and brush powder onto my face.i'll use my silkygirl powder first then followed by a maybeline powder that i get for free when my sister bought their bb cream.

i'm so sorry if this post sounds so weird or something but i really want to update my blog and i seriously do not know what to write about and just so lazy to take my own pictures because i can't find the camera

soooooo,thank you google :D