Saturday, 10 August 2013

Colgate Optic White toothpaste (first impression+ one week review review)

Colgate Optic White


i bought myself the colgate optic white toothpaste because..i want whiter teeth!!.hehe i was so excited to use them for there's loads of great review about this product but maybe i won't get the same result for i'll be using the toothpaste only.

btw i'm going to review for a month but if it doesn't work i'm still gonna use them as a normal toothpaste:)

7/5/2013 (first impression) : 

it stated to brush your teeth for atleast 2  minutes so i did it
the first thing i notice was my teeth looks yellowish after it foams up
i never experience this with the normal toothpaste
weird for me.
but i made myself think that it is removing the yellowish subs on my teeth
hope it works because i got an interview on 15 Mei
interview IPG doakan ye:D
(i didn't pass the interview but i'm now studying in Matrikulasi Selangor)

10/8/2013   :  so i used it over a month and almost finished my second tube and i could 
see a small 
difference only.
bare in mind that i drink tea since i could remember
so for a person whom drink tea as long as she live,the toothpaste did a decent job at whiten my teeth
but i'm not going to continue with the 3rd tube.i'll be changing to a normal toothpaste
but i'm now using the PEARL DROPS toothpolish

i remember using this when i was a child 
a few days back i went to watson and saw this product so i decided to buy it

this product did the same as the colgate 
yellow subs foam after brushing but the colgate  only foams during the first time i used it.